Achieving the Single European Sky. Goals and Challenges

Achieving the Single European Sky. Goals and Challenges

Achieving the Single European Sky. Goals and Challenges

Edited by Pablo Mendes De Leon, Daniel Calleja Crespo
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This book, the first to cover the SES in depth, presents unparalleled insight into a versatile and complex undertaking which will determine the future of air traffic management in Europe. Its chapters analyse the progress as well as the shortcomings and setbacks encountered in the implementation of the SES policy objectives. With forward-looking contributions from over forty well-known experts working in virtually every arena of aviation, from airports and airlines to regulatory agencies and air law practice and scholarship, the book thoroughly explains what has been achieved so far, not only in theory but in fact.

The authors also address emerging new challenges in technological, environmental, and safety contexts.Topics covered include the following:

  • the coming into being of the SES regime of 2004 as amended in 2009; the establishment of Functional Air Space Blocks;
  • civil-military cooperation;
  • the involvement of international and European organizsations such as ICAO< Eurocontrol and EASA;
  • governance;
  • performance targets;
  • coordination of technology with special reference to SESAR;
  • the environmental dimension;
  • Liability.

This is a unique book on a timely subject in air law written by key persons in the legal aviation world, and a very important addition to a prominent field of European policy. As such, it is sure to be welcomed by a wide variety of interested parties, including lawyers; in-house counsel advising airlines, airports, and air navigation service providers; civil/national aviation authorities; and legislators and policymakers.

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Foreword Laurens Jan Brinkhorst

List of Abbreviations

Preface Raymond Benjamin


Chapter 1 The Single European Sky (SES): ‘Building Europe in the Sky’ Daniel Calleja Crespo and Timothy Fenoulhet

Chapter 2 Single European Sky: The Challenge of Managing Change Jacqueline Tammenoms Bakker

Chapter 3 FABEC: Structure Follows Performance or Performance Follows Structure? Bianca de Wit, Jeroen Fukken, Paul Riemens and Raymond Deleu

Chapter 4 The ANSP Certification Process Guenter Martis

Chapter 5 Single European Sky: The Airlines’ Perspective Ulrich Schulte-Strathaus

Chapter 6 Enforcement Measures, the Tasks of National Supervisory Authorities Isabel Maestre

Chapter 7 The Liability of Air Navigation Services Providers: Some Lessons from the Single European Sky Francis Schubert


Chapter 8 EUROCONTROL and the EU Single European Sky David McMillan and Roderick van Dam

Chapter 9 ICAO and the Pan European Dimension: The Single European Sky from a Global Perspective Luis Fonseca de Almeida

Chapter 10 European Safety Regulatory System and the Single European Sky Patrick Goudou

Chapter 11 Governance of the Single European Sky: The Single Sky Committee (SSC) and the Involvement of the Industry Consultation Body (ICB) Luc Tytgat

Chapter 12 A US Point of View on European ATM Developments Brian F. Havel


Chapter 13 Network Management Massimo Garbini

Chapter 14 The Introduction of Military Dimension into the SES: A New Paradigm for the European Commission Gilles Fartek and François Rivet

Chapter 15 Performance Review: Implementation Anne Lambert and Tim Johnson

Chapter 16 The Regulation of Air Navigation Charges François Huet

Chapter 17 SES Environmental and Efficiency Benefits: Reduction of Emissions Paul Steele

Chapter 18 The Coordinator for the Functional Airspace Blocks System: The Task and the Report Georg Jarzembowski

Chapter 19 Crisis Management and the Single European Sky Joe Sultana

Chapter 20 Key Points and Proposals for a SWIM Regulatory Framework: The Way Ahead Anna Masutti


Chapter 21 Next Generation Manufacturing Technologies François Gayet

Chapter 22 SESAR: The Technological Arm of the Single European Sky Patrick Ky

Chapter 23 The European Air Traffic Master Plan: The Path So Far and the Road to Take Ilona Crommentuyn

Chapter 24 The Unmanned Aerial Systems Enhancing Security Alfredo Roma


Chapter 25 The Human Factor in the Single European Sky François Ballestero

Chapter 26 Just Culture Marc Baumgartner, Martin Chalk and Jez Pidgen

Chapter 27 The Role for the Human Being in Single European Sky Marc Baumgartner


Annex 1 Article Ms Loyola de Palacio

Annex 2 Consolidated SES Regulations

Annex 3 The FAB information Regulation No 176/2011


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