Bulletin of Comparative Labour Relations Series Set

Bulletin of Comparative Labour Relations Series Set

Series edited by Prof.Dr Roger Blanpain
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The series started in 1970 under the dynamic editorship of Professor Roger Blanpain (Belgium), former President of the International Industrial Relations Association. Professor Blanpain, currently Professor Emeritus of Labour Law, Universities of Leuven and Tilburg, is also General Editor of the International Encyclopedia of Laws (with more than 1,600 collaborators worldwide) and President of the Association of Educative and Scientific Authors.

In 2015 Frank Hendrickx, Professor of labour law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Leuven (Belgium) joint as a co-Editor. Frank Hendrickx has published numerous articles and books and regularly advises governments, international insti- tutions and private organisations in the area of labour law as well as in sports law. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the European Labour Law Journal and General Editor of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws together with Professor Roger Blanpain.


The Bulletins constitute a unique source of information and thought-provoking discus- sion, laying the groundwork for studies of employment relations in the 21st century, involving among much else the effects of globalization, new technologies, migration, and the greying of the population.


Amongst other subjects the Bulletins frequently include the proceedings of interna- tional or regional conferences; reports from comparative projects devoted to salient issues in industrial relations, human resources management, and/or labour law; and specific issues underlying the multicultural aspects of our industrial societies.


The Bulletins offer a platform of expression and discussion on labour relations to scholars and practitioners worldwide, often featuring special guest editors.

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New Developments in Employment Discrimination Law by
The Globalisation of Labour Standards: The Soft Law Track by
Protecting Labour Rights in a Multi-Polar Supply Chain and Mobile Global Economy
Systems of Employee Representation at the Enterprise. A Comparative Study
Worker's Representation in Central and Eastern Europe. Challenges and Opportunities for the Works Councils' System
Temporary Agency Work in the European Union and the United States
Social Security Law and Migrant Workers. Selected Studies of Cross-Border Social Security Mechanisms
Emerging Patterns of Work and Turkish Labour Market Challenges under Globalization
China and ILO Fundamental Principles and Rights At Work
European Works Councils: Euro Directive 2009/38/EC of 6 May 2009 by Roger Blanpain
Regulation of Fixed-Term Employment Contracts: A Comparative Overview
Trade Union Rights At the Workplace. In Honour of Manfred Weiss
Labour Markets, Industrial Relations and Human Resources Management in Europe. From Recession to Recovery
Globalization Employment Relations in the Auto Assembly Industry by
The Future of Sports Law in the European Union: Beyond the EU Reform Treaty and the White Paper by
The Modernization of Labour Law and Industrial Relations in a Comparative Perspective by Roger Blanpain, W Bromwich, O Rymkevich, Silvia Spattini
Employment Policies and Multilevel Governance by
Labour Relations in the Asia-Pacific Countries by
Temporary Agency work and the Information Society by
Labour Law in Motion: Diversification of the Labour Force & Terms and Conditions of Employment by
Smoking and the Workplace by Roger Blanpain
Confronting Globalization by
Women In Academia & Equality Law. Aiming High - Falling Short? by Ann Numhauser-Henning
Freedom of Services in the European Union: Labour and Social Security Law by
Flexibilisation and Modernisation of the Turkish Labour Market by
European Framework Agreements and Telework: Law and Practice by
Decentralizing Industrial Relations and the Role of Labor Unions and Employee Representatives by
Globalization and Employment Relations in Retail Banking by
Regulating Employment Relations, Work and Labour Laws. International Comparisons between Key Countries by
Labour Law Between Change and Tradition. Liber Amicorum Antoine Jacobs
Rethinking Corporate Governance: From Shareholder Value To Stakeholder Value
The Global Labour Market: From Globalization To Flexicurity by
National Effects of the Implementation of EU Directives on Labour Migration from Third Countries
Labour Law and Social Progress: Holding the Line or Shifting the Boundaries?
Reasonable Accommodation in the Modern Workplace