Constitutional Law of Israel

Constitutional Law of Israel by Suzie Navot

Constitutional Law of Israel

By Dr. Suzie Navot
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This book describes Israel's constitutional developments and focuses on the "constitutional revolution" of the 1990's, the evolution of judicial review and the special role of the Supreme Court of Israel in constitutional conflicts.

A general introduction of the constitutional history is followed up by the sources of constitutional law in Israel. The discussion on the form of Government deals with the changes in the system of government; the Head of State (the president); the legislature (the Knesset: its constituent power and its legislative power); the executive and the judiciary. Other chapters present the special rules of citizenship; fundamental rights and liberties; constitutional problems of minorities; judicial control of administrative actions; the relation between religion and State and the specific problems of emergency laws and war.

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General Introduction. Part I. Sources of Constitutional Law . Chapter 1. Treaties. Chapter 2. Constitution. Chapter 3 . Legislation and Equivalent Legislative Rules. Chapter 4. Jurisprudence. Chapter 5. Customary Law, Unwritten Law, General Principles of Law. Chapter 6. Administrative Regulation and Orders. Chapter 7. Codification, Interpretation and Publication. Part II. Form of Government. Chapter 1. General. Chapter 2. Head of State: the President and the State. Chapter 3. The Legislature. Chapter 4. The Executive. Chapter 5. The Judiciary. Chapter 6. Independent Non-Political Bodies with an Advisory or Supervisory Task. Part III. The State and its Subdivisions. Chapter 1. State Form. Chapter 2. Decentralized Authorities. Part IV. Citizenship and the Administration of Justice. Chapter 1. Rules Concerning Citizenship and the Relevance of Citizenship. Chapter 2. Fundamental Rights and Liberties. Chapter 3. Constitutional Problems of Minorities. Chapter 4. Judicial Control of Administrative Action. Chapter 5. Legal Position of Aliens. Part V. Specific Problems . Chapter 1. War, Treaty and Foreign Affairs Powers. Chapter 2. Taxing and Spending Power. Chapter 3. Emergency laws. Chapter 4. The Power of the Military. Chapter 5. The Constitutional Relationship between Religion and State.

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