The Impact of the Internet and New Technologies on the Workplace: A Legal Analysis from a Comparative Point of View

The Impact of the Internet and New Technologies on the Workplace: A Legal Analysis from a Comparative Point of View

By Prof.Dr Roger Blanpain, Michele Colucci
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The regulatory architecture available for cyberspace law still seems incapable of conceiving, much less resolving, the new issues of privacy raised by the use of the Internet in the workplace. This penetrating analysis of the thorny problems in this area of the law goes a long way toward clarifying the nature of the conflicts and disputes that arise and that are likely to continue to arise.

The author first examines the international jurisdictional problems related to the Internet and new technologies. Starting from an economic analysis of the law of cyberspace, the author demonstrates that the problem of conflicting legal rules may be solved by adopting new laws, regulations and guidelines governing the Internet.

The second part explores the ways in which the Internet and the introduction of new information technologies has dramatically affected the world of work and individual rights. The author analyses the origins, limits and boundaries of these rights, and makes a comparative analysis of the relevant constitutions and statutes in both common law and civil law.

Finally, an examination of the legal systems of the USA, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan, and of their responses to the new Internet-related issues, enable the author to propose effective ways to achieve a better balance between the employee's right to privacy and the responsibilities of the employer in the new electronic environment.

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  1. An Economic Analysis of Cyberspace Law
    1.1. An Economic Analysis of Cyberspace Law
    1.2. The Impact of the Internet on the Workplace
  2. Electronic Monitoring and Surveillance in the Workplace
    2.1. The ILO and the Code of Practice on Protection of Workers' Personal Data
    2.2. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
    2.3. The Council of Europe
    2.4. The European Union
  3. The National Scenario
    3.1. France
    3.2. Germany
    3.3. The United Kingdom
    3.4. Italy
    3.5. Japan
    3.6. USA