Introduction to European Social Security Law, 3rd edition

Introduction to European Social Security Law, 3rd edition

By (author) Frans Pennings
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The social security law of the European Union (EU) has become of vital significance to persons living or working in EU Member States. The creation of the European Economic Area and the start of the task of accession of the candidate Members (Eastern European countries) has further increased its impact.

This book describes EU social security law, beginning with the rules relevant to migrant workers. Coverage includes Regulations 1408/71 and 574/72 and the case law of the Court of Justice of the EC. The book analyses the contributions of these judgements to the development of coordination law and to the realisation of the objective of free movement of workers.

The second part of the book focuses on harmonisation initiatives, both generally and in the context of specific areas of development. The law on equal treatment of men and women is a particularly active part of EU social security law. The Court of Justice has issued several main decisions on the subject (the Barber and Kohll and Decker judgments, for example). This book enables the reader to understand the recent developments and to grasp the present state of law.

A separate chapter analyses the fight against poverty as an objective of EU social security law and the instruments developed for this purpose.

This is the completely revised and updated third edition of this authoritative work.

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  1. Introduction: Why is Coordination Necessary?
  2. A Brief Overview of Non-EU Coordination Instruments
  3. The European Union and the European Economic Area
  4. The Structure of Regulation 1408/71
  5. The Territorial Scope of Regulation 1408/71
  6. The Personal Scope of Regulation 1408/71
  7. The Material Scope of Regulation 1408/71
  8. The General Rules for Determining the Legislation Applicable
  9. Posting
  10. The Equal Treatment Provisions in the Treaty and in Regulation 1408/71
  11. The Equal Treatment Provisions of Regulation 1612/68
  12. Residence Requirements
  13. The General Rules against Overlapping
  14. Sickness and Maternity Benefits
  15. Invalidity, Survivors' and Old-Age Pensions
  16. Family Benefits and Family Allowances
  17. Unemployment Benefits
  18. The Relation between the Regulation and Other Treaties
  19. Agreements of the EU with Third Countries
  20. The Directive on Safeguarding Supplementary Pension Rights
  21. Some Conclusions on the Development of Coordination Law
  22. Harmonisation Initiatives of Non-EU Organisations
  23. Harmonisation Initiatives of the European Union
  24. Equal Pay for Men and Women: Article 141 EC
  25. Equal Treatment in Statutory Social Security: Directive 79/7
  26. Equal Treatment of Men and Women: The Other Directives
  27. Towards a Social Europe?
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