Legal Opinion Letters: A Comprehensive Guide to Opinion Letter Practice, Third Edition


Legal Opinion Letters: A Comprehensive Guide to Opinion Letter Practice, Third Edition

By (author) M. John Sterba, Jr.
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The demand for legal opinions is growing while the ground rules keep changing. Keep abreast of the latest developments with the third edition of Legal Opinion Letters. This unique guide covers all aspects - drafting, requesting, receiving, interpreting and evaluating - of both client and third-party legal opinion letters.

Legal Opinion Letters provides comprehensive coverage not only of the standard corporate and securities third-party opinion letters, but also real estate opinions, tax, intellectual property, bankruptcy, letters to auditors, international opinions, and liability just to name a few. Special attention is given to exposure to liability, an area of great concern to the opinion practice attorney. It also examines the current content of actual letters used to address these topics. All of this valuable information is provided in light of current case law, the ABA Legal Opinion Report, The TriBar Report and several excellent state bar reports.

It is a contributed work with introductory chapters by M. John Sterba, Jr., and additional chapters by a host of other expert pracitioners. The advice you find in Legal Opinion Letters may very well affect your very next legal opinion.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Elements of Opinion Letters
  3. Legal Opinions on Corporate Matters
  4. Opinions in Commercial and Banking Transactions
  5. Opinions in Real Estate Transactions
  6. Securities Law Opinions
  7. Tax Opinions
  8. Lawyers' Letter to Auditors
  9. Intellectual Property Opinions
  10. Bankruptcy and Security Interest Opinions
  11. International Opinions
  12. Legal Opinion Liability
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