Protection Of Minority Shareholders

Protection Of Minority Shareholders

By Matthias W. Stecher
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This book provides a shareholder investing in a foreign company (and the shareholder s legal advisors) with practical information on the various means of protection and its judicial enforcement in the respective foreign country.

Protection of Minority Shareholders contains 15 reports covering almost all of the major European jurisdictions as well as the United States. All of the reports follow the same structure and address such issues as:

  • the requirements for shareholders resolutions
  • the scope of a minority shareholder's right to information and ability to influence the decision-making process
  • whether a minority shareholder has the right to demand a dividend and to participate in capital increases
  • to what extent a minority shareholder can strengthen his or her position by having appropriate clauses included in the Articles of Association or by entering into shareholders agreements
  • the remedies available to a minority shareholder in the event that a shareholder's resolution or other action impairs his or her rights.

Protection of Minority Shareholders makes a complex area of increasing activity understandable. It proves a useful resource for international lawyers and for the legal departments of any company holding shares in a foreign company.

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    Part I. 1: Questionnaire. 2: General Report. 3: Comparative Charts. Part II: Country Reports. 1: Austria. 2: Belgium. 3: Finland. 4: France; 5: Germany. 6: Ireland. 7: Italy. 8: Luxembourg. 9: The Netherlands. 10: Portugal. 11: Spain. 12: Sweden. 13: Switzerland. 14: United Kingdom. 15: USA. Part III: Annex. 1: The Role of the Takeover Panel in the United Kingdom.