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Commercial Real Estate Transactions Handbook, Fourth Edition by
Law of Real Estate Brokers, Third Edition by Barlow Burke
Law of Property Rights Protection: Limitations on Governmental Powers by Jan G. Laitos
Construction Scheduling: Preparation, Liability, and Claims, Third Edition by Jon M. Wickwire, Esq., Thomas J. Driscoll, Stephen B. Hurlbut, Esq., Mark J. Groff
Termination of Construction and Design Contracts by Michael T. Callahan
Construction Litigation: Representing the Owner, Second Edition by Robert F. Cushman, Esq., Kenneth Cushman, Stephen B. Cook
California Construction Law, Seventeenth Edition
Shared Design
Construction Change Order Claims, Second Edition by Michael T. Callahan
Handling Construction Defect Claims: Western States, Fourth Edition by Thomas E. Miller, Rachel M. Miller, Matthew T. Miller
Construction Disputes: Practice Guide with Forms, Second Edition by Thomas J. Kelleher, Jr., Esq., Brian G. Corgan, Esq., William E. Dorris, Esq.
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